Mr. Anson Emmanual Ivan

I have  started Emmanual HR Innovations as a professional resume services firm completely self funded .
I am graduate in Economics & English with a  Post Graduate in HRM from Symbiosis Institute of Business Management. With my  strong background of fourteen years of experience in Corporate HR with companies like AMDOCS and few others ; I have been instrumental in the scale of midsize of consulting and staffing  firms around Pune region.

Seeing the need of a professional services firm which are practised by  professionals for the new start ups coming up in India.I have  realised the need of building an online-agile consulting and recruitment search practice in IT, Banking Financial Services.

Recruitment services is marketing   professional service as a professional  for a professional ;  unfortunately many new entrants in HR who end up in  firms may or may never  get to learn and even earn the value and respect required for this profession .

HR & Talent Acquisition  as a profession is expanding and forming new dimensions on multiple levels across industries.

HR Professionals   now and in the future will eventually have the potential to build from scratch , scale ,lead and build good and great companies of the future.

I personally  believe that people are the ingredient behind the success of any organization and the need for the right talent for the right job will be the need of hour and in the future.
During my spare time am  fond of sketching, Art and am a hobbiyst.

I am currently managing roles in the APAC region . I am also a member of NHRD , AHRI, SHRM

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