Ms. Khushboo Gyani

She has been instrumental on core IT Engineering and Banking with Financial Shared Services Hiring. Her background is in Engineering with Management in Human Resources.

She has  experience in core engineering , build and release management with Multi National Corporations  like Amdocs and others. This in depth understanding of domain enables the EHRI team to be one of the best in the industry ; and helps us to  partner and consult the clients with technical insight and skill based talent search. In her spare time  her hobbies are  Music & Travel

Why is Khushboo passionate in the field  recruitment and selection?
Recruitment gives you opportunity to make a real impact on people’s lives.If the person is able to make it to his/her dream job, the job satisfaction will be high and you being a key part in guiding candidates through the interview process and offering important advice to help them to secure their role in the organisation which gives them immense satisfaction both financially and personally.