Artificial Intelligence (AI) penetration has impacted almost all industries; especially it has changed the face of recruitment. Unlike traditional hiring processes or computerized legacy systems, today’s state-of the-art talent acquisition solution is more efficient, more effective and reduces overall talent acquisition costs by leveraging the power of artificial intelligence software to work hand in hand  with  the experience and knowledge of the recruiter.

Artificial or automated intelligence is significantly improving the role of recruiting. AI is making job faster easier and exciting for the recruiters.

Screening resumes efficiently and time-effectively still remains the biggest challenge in talent acquisition: 52% of talent acquisition leaders say the hardest part of recruitment is identifying the right candidates from a large applicant pool.

 On an average shortlisting takes about 23 hours for each role, by implementing AI recruitment tool shortlisting of applicants can happen in minutes by integrating into numerous job portals and picking the right skill set you need for that particular position.

AI is the future of securing best talent for the recruiters within a short period of time and this also helps in achieving the main KPI of the recruiters by providing them with the best talent.

Talent mapping, with the help of big data, is definitely the next step in recruitment technology. With talent mapping, recruiters can determine their candidate needs well in advance and develop a strategic plan for hiring long-term. This includes filling any skill gaps, bolstering the team for sudden changes in the workplace, or just simply having suitable talent in mind for the future. All of these, when prepared ahead of time, can save companies the trouble and time in future. Recruiters who are able to understand how AI works, harness the technology to save on time and costs will be rewarded with improved quality of hires, enhanced efficiency, more productive workforce and less turnover.

AI not only helps in screening it also helps in advertising, managing applications, filtering and application communication.
Even as technology like artificial intelligence and big data enable the transformation of HR departments, the evolving regulation on the use of publicly available information will be critical to understand how these technologies are applied

Artificial intelligence is now increasingly helping the company to automate and simplify their recruitment process to reduce cost.

Artificial Intelligence is the future of securing the best talented individuals; AI has  increased the speed of recruiting and ensuring that the best candidate are in place before being stolen by fast moving competitors. With quality of hire being an important KPI for recruiters. AI is the new aspect of Talent Acquisition.

Artificial Intelligence 3e: A Modern Approach 

Contritubted by :-

Ms.Swati Pandey ( HR Digital & Content)