Mid-Senior Hiring

Due to the large number of Multi-national Corporations setting up centres across India. Most of the millennials have reached a mid-senior level in most organizations. This segment of hiring is bound to grow in the coming years. Our network and specialization in IT and Banking has helped us to build strong relationships with clients and customers.
We have been successful in placing candidates with our clients at these positions. Our relationships with our customers are long term and strategic

Market Survey

Customers work on different types of data and MIS. These data is used by Management for key decisions across teams and hiring plans. We have been successful to present data related to Compensation and Benefits survey competitor Analysis , Talent Mapping and basic market survey.

1. Key points

Gather key points required as per the needs of the customer

2. Gathering Data

Use Direct and indirect methods from portals , candidate information , internal databases
to create the data.

3. Reporting

Prepare the information into intelligence data ,do further verification

4. Present Data

Gather the intelligent data , prepare and present to customer.

Professional Resume Service

A professional resume is important to get an edge in the job market. With increasing competition across the globe. Talent is becoming more in supply than the required demand. Most employers are in the look out of candidates with multiple skills in their portfolio rather than one skill .Due to the dynamism of the digital platforms, new skill can be obsolete within a span of six months.
We started our firm as a professional resume services firm and have been successful with strong placements and stories that have happened due to our in-depth approach with our candidates.
Our expertise has been in this field on various sectors apart from Technology and Banking.
We have been successful to provide quality resumes for India , UK and Middle-east market.

In-house team of expert with a detailed consultation

  • Visually appealing Resume format
  • Over 95% satisfaction rate
  • Multiple detailed telephonic consultations with professional resume consultant
  • First draft in 5 – 7working days
  • Free Cover Letter customised to highlight your accomplishments and suit your

Why go for a Professional Resume Writer ?

A professional resume helps you to gather higher chances to get interviewed and also bag a job.
A crisp resume is important for the interviewer to gather necessary information about your profile. The resume shouldn’t be too long or too short, there are certain points which you might realize is not important while your interviewer might be looking for those points that is absolute fitment for the job. What helps us to be different from a variety of resume writers. We have a detailed consultation that is an interview understanding in depth your achievements, setbacks and milestones.
We use these data points to develop few samples to share with you and use the necessary industry key words to be included in the resume.
We share with you shortlisted draft and your consent before we will finalize the revised resume.

Our pricing

  • Less than 5 years with Cover letter : 49 USD
  • 5- 8 years with cover letter : 91 USD
  • 8- 12 with cover letter : 126 USD
  • Mid -Senior Management : 210 USD approximate

Satisfaction Level
We can help you in the resume service as this a separate service from our hiring needs. During the span of last few years we have been successful to see our candidates come back to us with success in their new opportunity and job offers.

Linkedin Professional Writing

Linkedin Professional writing is considered an important platform for job seekers and customers. With the influence of linkedin lots of professionals engage using this platform for getting new jobs.
Lucky for you we can help you to build a professional linkedin profile that help you with your next job search.

Why use a professional Linkedin Writer ?
Don’t know how to setup your linkedin profile. We can help you prepare a smart linkedin profile. When it comes to Linkedin profile ,remember you are a brand trying to sell to a potential connection or a potential recruiter.
Small mistakes or errors un-noticeable is important to be identified and rectified for your success.


Due to the growing economy and progress of India. Most professionals are looking forward to move back to settle with their friends and families. We can help you in coming back by having your resumes reviewed with our clients and let you know about the interview process.

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Sales & Consulting


In case you have a new product to be launched in the market related to HR. We can help you with the launch through our alliances. In case you want to have a free or paid advertising for any of your products related Employee Insurance, Recruitment Management System, Payroll Systems or any other start-up products.
Our extensive network and contacts will help you navigate

Our current Alliances are:
Talentica – A Recruitment Software for the Indian Market.

In case you are interested for a demo please email to message box below.