Social Media Hiring Tips and Tricks

The importance of social media in the recruitment world is growing all the time. Around 92% recruiters use social media to find the best candidates for each position.  Finding right isn’t always an easy task. Often, there’s a large difference between what companies are looking for and what the candidate has to offer. Social media helps to identifying skilled professionals in the field and establishing a connection.

Some of the much used techniques in social media hiring are:-

  1. Build the company’s online reputation.

Level your brand up and be the company that everyone knows about and wants to work for. Become the experts in your specific field. Digital marketing is important for a brand to thrive in this digital economy. With the power of word of mouth and a strong digital presence you can build a strong online brand. However words of caution an online has both positive and negative outcomes be ready to have it with a pinch of salt.

  1. Use zoom calls or video calls to engage passive candidates

Video is the medium that social media users are 10 times more likely to engage with than any other form of content.Use live video to host spontaneous Q&As.Let people have a snoop inside the company and experience the    company culture for themselves.

  1. Engaging employees in sharing posts on various social media engines.

The power of social media is to extend your reach to potential candidates. Conducting recruitment drive, having them share your posts on their social media platforms.

This helps in improving  employer brand  and which helps in attracting talent to the open positions . Social media  is is a fantastic leverage to gather momentum and create a viral effect , chances are you will surely attract candidates . Yes, you would eventually have to filter them out.

  1. Join LinkedIn groups

Join and participate in LinkedIn groups, relevant to your industry.There are a lot of specialized communities on LinkedIn, places where candidates are actively involved, trying to position themselves in their field. Recruitment is more and more about networking. Linkedin is an important platform for job seekers , sales professionals and HR professionals. Actively publishing content and posting articles on linkedin helps to attract a pool of active and passive candidates to your jobs.

5. Keep the candidates engaged by sharing quality relevant content.

To add power to your social media recruiting strategy use the insight tools available to you to perfect your advertising and marketing the brand. Its important that boring content loses interest and since we have short attention spans we lose focus.  Candidates who are in search of an opportunity scans in micro seconds to decide if they want to apply to this job. Power of content in social media helps to build  a silent rapport between your candidate and your brand.


6.Choose the hashtags wisely

 Use your hashtags wisely, if it is too popular there is a  risk of your message getting lost in pile messages also using it.Try and be inventive with your hashtags, personalize your hashtags for  your company and what you want to achieve with them.

How to use your  hashtags for hiring effectively?

Here is an example: – A search  for a Development Manager with strong knowledge and skills in  Java, J2EE . Gender diversity is the differentiating factor.

Categorise your hash tags based on Location, skillset, brand name of your company.Eg:- #Pune #Punejobs #Development Manager #Java ,#J2EE  #Diversity #EmmanualHRI ( Name of your Company) . This hashtag automatically trends in the social media platforms. If a candidate is looking for the jobs on java in Pune region chances are your job will be found trending in the platform.

Try for yourself and let us know . Type  #java or anything you prefer in a social platform like linkedin and see the type of opportunites available .

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