Post COVID-19 Hiring Spree

The situation of COVID has been uncertain and disturbing.  Considering the global macro-economic situations faced by different economies organizations have to transform themselves which in turn comes down to the hiring process.

On one side of the coin rumors spread on mass layoffs and recession on the flip side the trend has been resignations and spree in hiring.  There are still companies hungry for talent and there are open positions in the market that are yet to be closed. Within our existing positions at #emmanualhri we have few positions that have been open with our customers for the past few months. They are not been closed either  due to toughness of the online test and interviews or multiple offers in the market.

The questions is why few skills are in demand? ; And why few skills are not in demand ?

We at EmmanualHRI has observed 5 important trends in hiring from the beginning of COVID-19.

Skill Matters

Few of our positions were generic IT positions on Java , Testing , C++. But what matters is the subset of skills that come along with Java. We realized skills like KAFKA , Microservices , Automation  and knowledge on AWS are on high demand.  With the rise of Machine learning and AI again more skills are becoming redundant or pivoted into other variants. The recent trend has been on React JS be it pitching for a project or hiring somehow this skill is on demand. Being a niche recruitment company, we have observed that market and the industry itself is evolving with new skills.  In non-IT Roles like Finance we have observed again a trend of new techno-functional skills.  In Finance there is been a trend of Investment Analyst, strong accounting knowledge . With the rise of IPOs there is going to be a good demand for Accounting, Auditing  and other types Financial personnel.

Old skills vs New skills

This is a contradictory point to compared to the first one. Few skills that are out of date are also still in need and there are fewer people working on them

In our own recruitment function, old skills of sourcing, filling up job boards are still prevalent. The new skills of customer acquisition and development is becoming more significant at work place. A recruiter with only the skill of sourcing and placing a candidate for a position is gone by era. A recruiter with an eye to market trends spotting new opportunities, building customer relationships. Strategic customer management are always in demand.

In the field of Software, upcoming skills like Dev-ops, CRM, AI, AWS, Block chain with strong programming skills are becoming relevant.  Even with Saas platforms strong programmers are always going to be in demand. With the rise of Robotic process automation we are getting to see even testing is being automated.

If  you are under the impression a programmer is not that  relevant haven’t you seen Code Junior? . Does it strike anything?  It should strike you hard that certain skills can be taught early now, by the time the child reaches year 12. Recently I met a proud parent telling my kid knows python programming. He is in year / standard 9th .

Compared to yesterday where you may learn the skills in college with an eventuality to one day getting a high paying job. You can see kids with live products in the market.

Among most skills that will be still missing in the market would be soft skills or communication skills.

Soft Skills will always play a major role. Empathy, Incisive thinking , clarity of thought and simple common sense are still uncommon. Candidates having both these combinations can be attuned to better leadership positions.

Social Media Content Honey Bee

Unlike before Social media will be a tool of the future for hiring , gauging and even assessing people.  Social media is also an important tool for building your expertise in the market.

We have two choices Make a  fool of ourselves in Social Media by being a selfiepreneur  or be an expert gaining traction and followers.

The choice is ultimately yours. Definitely for both the segment there is going to be a market . For a crazy selfie there is an interesting market. But for being an expert you are building a specific  network that can ultimately turn you to an influencer. Sometimes if you have nothing to contribute silence definitely helps.

When you are working to be an influencer or an expert in your field junkie followers are not keen to click your follow button.

What thrives more above the lot is Content . Content will always be king .  Right Content to the right Audience will differentiate yourself from the others. When it comes to hiring at EmmanualHRI , Strategic content definitely helps . Remember the “Honey Bee and Flower”  . A honey bee needs to cross pollinate with the flowers. So, your content will eventually cross pollinate when people share content in the market.

Note: This happens to content not selfie-photographs.


Design Thinking and Innovation

This is a vast area un tapped but design is going to play a major role in your work place. With the strike of COVID – it has all to be redesigned again.  Design workplace, Design employee engagement, Design in communication, Design in management,  and last of all design in the products you are using.







Remember  photographs of companies providing work space at home shared by staff  on LinkedIn and Facebook. Again design is prevailing. Economies are changing and as an organization leader you have to sit ,write down and implement a long term solution  . Even as an employee you have to redesign your working space, time, work hours etc. Eventually you have no option but to innovate  to thrive and survive. You can read more about working from home at COVID from #emmanualhri #workfromhome tips

Digitalization in Recruitments

With lots of digital transformation every organization is undergoing drastic change. With the implementation of work from home few companies have definitely realized the importance of digitalization. You are definitely reducing carbon foot print by asking your team to work from home.

With digitalization effective SAAS based software starting from Time tracking to project management tools and last of all effective AI bots that  can effectively download your customer service enquires and sometimes  even help you solve difficult problems.

Last of all is the compensation when A Company offers work from home, B Company offers work from home , C Company offers work from home , D Company offers hybrid option.

Which Company does a candidate join ? . We will be answering this question in our next blogs.

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