Type of Goal 2 – HARD

Type of  Goals –







If you want to learn a new skill, imagine the pride of having a new skill. Then, connect that pride with the goal and use that emotion as your motivation for learning.

For example : Imagine learning a new language skill example ( Mandarin). The first aspect is developing the pride in knowing the language . Getting yourself differentiated from the rest of the crowd. Learn to use the emotion and affect to boost your learning.





Visualize what achieving your goal would look like. Incorporate every sense that you can and imagine what it would sound, feel, smell or even taste like so you can remember the feeling every time you think about your goal.

Example : Imagine the outcome of the goal like a promotion in your organization or you are part of the presales team working with  mandarin business professionals. To see your friends and acquaintances awe at your communication skills


If possible, connect your goal to something that’s necessary for you. For example, if you want to learn speaking fluent mandarin , volunteer to present something on your company’s behalf, or trying to speak on a topic that will engage your team.


Set a goal that challenges you. By doing this, you’ll feel accomplished when you complete it.

We all have goals that are difficult to achieve beginning from learning a new language or learning a new skill .As the goals are harder by accomplishing them you can very much define your sense of purpose and bring a direction to your everyday life

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