Type of Goal number 3

WOOP stands for

Wish, Outcome, Obstacle and Plan.


Make sure your wish is exciting for you. Imagine the sort of goal you would wish for and attach a positive feeling to the goal you want. Example : The exciting feeling of communicating in a foreign language. The feeling of talking to a crowd of guest in your corporate.







Imagine the best possible result of achieving your goal. Visualize the outcome and the positive impact that you can create out of completing the goal


Consider what might prevent you or slow you down from success. For example, suppose you want to learn a new language but your commute time is preventing you to achieve this activity.







Find solutions to any obstacles that might interfere with your goal. If you  have a busy schedule trying to find active time commuting by having your ipod connected in your car. Or having the lessons in your pendrive connected to your car stereo.


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