Goal Setting for 2022 – Types of Goals

Everyone loves goals and we prepare strong resolutions over the new year. Unfortunately we usually don’t have the willpower and the inspiration to keep going. Without the necessary tools we can be a boat without a rudder trying to channel our aspirations. This article is focused on different types of goals.

Setting a goal is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible- Tony Robbins

SMART stands for specific ,measurable, achievable, realistic and timebound.

  • Specific

Make sure you define your goals carefully and clearly. Usually we lose focus on the small things that matter.

  • Measurable :

Include something in your goal that you can measure, such as simple as learning to concentrate 30 minutes a day on your work  and having a calendar to check your progress.

On time


Realistic :

Ensure that you are able to meet up the goal. Choose a particular time of the day and try to execute your activity ;avoid getting distracted by having multiple windows open. A social media  platform on a minimized window will not help you to achieve your goal realistically.

Time bound :

Give your goal a specific timebound to achieve so its achievable. For example to check your goal at the end of the week keep a tab on how many minutes have you been able to concentrate at the end of the week.

Achievable :

Find a goal that you are likely to meet with your current schedule. For example, may be at the beginning of your work day or during the mid day.

Last of all is to evaluate and readjust  at ever stage of the process.

Once you feel you have been able to achieve for 4 weeks in a month you can try to increase from 30 minutes to 45 minutes and eventually to an hour.

We tend to have  disruptions that can break our routine and schedule .We would need to readjust our routine and our goal accordingly. Being flexible and readjusting your schedule over the week matters to achieve goals.

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