Recruitment and Interviewing trends for 2022

With the gradual slowdown of COVID-19 and staff gradually resuming back online at work. Face to Face Interviews are eventually gaining momentum.

We at EmmanualHRI have been experiencing new interviewing trends  and we are able foresee upcoming trends in the recruitment and selection process.

Assessment Rounds

More complex assessments would be given to the candidates . Hiring managers would be having the candidates through a battery of test and rounds.  Before the candidate even reaches the premises of the company .

Video Interviews

With the rise of Zoom, Microsoft team meetings video interviews will be given lots of importance. Initially candidates attended the premises to do an online test now the candidate  can attempt  the test from the comfort of their home. Once the candidate clears the test there would be multiple rounds of video discussions from multiple regions and even time-zones.

Overall decisions can vary from region to region and managers from other geographies can give their views of a candidate.

Inflation in Salary Packages






With the rise of work from home , remote , hybrid many organizations have to reinvent their competitive edge. As a result there is a huge spike of compensation. The packages have gone up to 200 % ! . Ultimately companies that offer the most prevails. As a result many organizations have turned to other outsourcing destinations like the Philippines, Vietnam and even African regions and other regional sub continent.

Face to Face Interviews

Once the discussions are completed the candidate will receive an invitation for a face to face interview at the office if required. Smart effective organizations are trying to close the entire deal over the phone and on video discussion. Few interviewers are viewing the documents over the video for example a candidate shows their identity , certificates while the holding the true copy over the video call.  Most offers are going to be  rolled out when the candidate is sitting in his pyjamas out of his or her drawing room.

  Extinction of  paper works






Initially a candidate comes down to the office with a bag of documents the HR or recruiter takes a print scan and prepare a checklist that is eventually filed with an employee number in a medium size file holder. This plastic folder is to  be stored for eternity. Today with cloud all documents are stored on a small kb size in multiple servers encrypted . It can be assessed by a person from multiple locations.

Eventually we are seeing trends of certain  files only printed but majority of the documents are going to be stored online. Even small business can store their documents on google drive and other cloud platforms for a small monthly fee while  large organizations have inbuilt platforms that can be stored in servers at an undisclosed location.

Parkinsons Law- Work expands with the time available to fill it

Conclusion :  The trends are going to be robust over a period of time with large level transformation happening in the HR and recruitment space. Only  time can tell the future role of a HR professional. With effective technical implementation its easy to weed out the chaff from the wheat . Ultimately operational problems can disappear and the quote given above may become history.

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