How do you present yourself for a video Interview?

Thanks to COVID 19 and the new era of hiring using  various video platforms.

Here are  three important tips while presenting yourself for an interview

  • Always be on time
  • Be prepared
  • Dress up right and clear your environment

 Always be on time

Thanks to COVID-19 we are being retrained to work from home. In an office atmosphere your friends and colleagues can remind you to be on a meeting and if its for a face to face interview  we always arrive on time. In a video interview there are high chances that we can lose track of time. As the minutes can look like hours.

On timeBut always remember to be on time as there are no room for excuses. It is important to self-discipline ourselves and login in on time atleast few minutes before the meeting.

“ No one is  busy. It just depends on what number you are on their priority list”


Be Prepared

This goes without a saying, preparation ,preparation and preparation.  Always be prepared with the right questions if possible read more about the organization . Now due to LinkedIn and other forums we also get to know our interviewers profile . It’s always better to get a fair idea on who is  going to be the Interviewer. Previously you don’t get to know your interviewer however nowadays you always get a fair idea about the interviewer. Its always better to know about the company’s vision , mission and values

“Never ever underestimate your interviewer”.


Dress up right

It is important to dress up right for the role. In case you are going for a technical coder interviewer a formal attire is sufficient to create an impression. If it’s more towards a corporate role then better dress in a  business suite.  What if your interviewer doesn’t compliment your way of dressing?

ProfessionalismIt doesn’t matter as long as you believe what you are doing is right.  This view can differ with time but dressing business makes it more business.  Last of all ensure your environment is right enough. The  lighting of the room is strong enough and gives a better view for the interviewer. Ensure you are in a silent room with no disturbances keep your phones, electronic devices silent.


These are three important tips for an interviewee. It’s important that you follow these tips when  you are getting interviewed from your home office.

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