Tips and Tricks to Work from Home

A few tricks and strategies required while you work from home. As it is called “WFH”.

I am sure most of you may agree to disagree but you should try these tricks out and see it for yourself.  Since there are lots of motivational gurus in the market on productivity. I thought as a professional who is working for his daily bread and butter like most of you; I would like to give you some of my personal experience and some tricks while working from home. After viewing a lot of posts on social media, I have realized a few folks have already given up working from home.   You can see for yourself, a new breed of social media singers, master chefs, dancers, etc during their regular work time.


Out of my personal and hard-earned experience and after moving out of my corporate job in 2013. I had to learn and adapt and with time; the methods mentioned below. Gradually I could improvise that eventually helped me launch and shape my consulting and entrepreneurial career. These are a few of my hard-learned mantras which may be useful for you.

These are the three mantras required while you work from home.

  1.  Focus   
  2. Self-Discipline     
  3. Environment


Always remember the circumstance you are currently going through is temporary. However, the lessons you learn during this short duration will be life-changing. As most organizations have never had a contingency plan on a situation of this level many are clueless or few sane minds would have strategies in place. As a staff never forget that you are part of a large organization or even a small organization with a mission that can still create a huge difference in your life and the life of the world around you.

After all, an organization is a group of people coming together to achieve a large objective.

One of the methods to remind my teams working remotely is ensure to keep having calls every day hammering the value and mission of the firm, objectives, and the current task in hand. In large teams, one of the methods is to keep reminding the team and department daily tasks which will eventually translate to the organization’s vision.

Keeping your team focused and inspired on tasks is not only important; but also, it keeps them from loafing around on social media platforms. A team with a purpose doesn’t have time to scroll around social media unless required


Since there is no one seeing what you are doing all the time, there is just one person who you can’t fool around that is yourself.

An Army General once said, “I can teach my men all sorts of discipline except Self-discipline”.


Some simple methods that I have learned to follow through as much as possible while working from home.

Keeping the routine intact as far as possible.

For example; Having your breakfast on time like you have always been doing and lunch hours like you were in your office environment.

Except you don’t have a canteen or a pantry it can be your kitchen.

Even the diet plan you boast about in the office, eat the same potion while working from home.

Keeping the timings intact will help you; one of the best tips is keeping an alarm clock on your phone with reminders for lunch, tea/ coffee break, till the day ends like you were in an office.

In case you are feeling lonely or aloof the best is to have a call with your colleague during a coffee break or some shop talk during lunch or at the end of the day. It is important to get consent some might find it annoying.

We are after all social animals, some of the tips mentioned above may work for you.


This is a significant aspect if you want to have success while your work from home and that is always going to be your Environment. The first two mantras won’t work if you don’t follow the third mantra rightly.

There are two commandments for the environment mantra.

The first commandment is 

“Always dress up as you do always for work”

Ensure to wear the best dress like you would have dressed up for work. Ensure to wear your office trousers, shirts tucked in with your socks and shoes on.

Never ever wear your  pyjama’s, it may work for a weekend; but it would never help you  on the long run.

I have learnt a few people who complained; this doesn’t work when you have kids around you; Well ! if you are dressed up in office clothes; you will eventually come back to your workstation. For a few minutes here and there you can be distracted, but you will come back to your laptop or work cubicle.

This simple strategy improves your productivity on all levels.

Once the day ends you will realize that you have achieved a lot.

The best observation you can do is try changing your work attire to casuals, pyjamas at the end of the workday the same way you would do after you reach from work. Observe the difference in your own attitude and keep a note of it. Some of us are used to working on a bean bag or maybe sitting on the floor cross-legged. A  table and chair bring a huge impact on your productivity and ergonomically it is beneficial for you.

The other major advantage of wearing your work clothes while working from home is you can always keep a note of an increasing waistline.

Winston  Churchill once said “A receding hairline and an increasing waistline is a sign of prosperity”.

For a working professional who works from home, I say, “An increasing waistline is a sign of getting an appointment with the tailor”.

The second and the  last Commandment 

“Do not  allow yourself to be disturbed with household chores”

Inform the people around,  your family, parents, in-laws and that is this work time “Do not Disturb please”. After all “Work is Worship”  no one wants to be disturbed during worship time.  Assign a permanent workplace like your virtual cubicle or one more place at the most.  Eventually, your family will respect that you are seriously on duty, also it would be another way to excuse yourself from kitchen work.

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